Projects & Work

Ada Developers Academy

Ada Developers Academy is a year-long intensive training program for women transitioning into software development. I was the lead-instructor for the first two cohorts. I created the ruby + rails + javascript curriculum. I co-taught each cohort. Of the 15 from the first cohort all 15 have landed development jobs with an average salary of $75k. The second cohort are currently in internships. I also created all of the internal software such as the donation site and the student application site.

Pluralsight Author

Pluralsight offers world-class training that’s easy to comprehend and quick to learn through screencasts. I'm currently authoring my first Pluralsight course.

Light in the Attic

I've worked with the Light in the Attic team since 2013 as a Rails dev. My time started with finishing an upgrade from Rails 2 to 3. My limited hours go toward adding features and maintaining the legacy codebase. It's been a super fun and rewarding working with their awesome team.

Luna Sandals

In 2010 I had the oppurtunity to found this small unique business. I worked with my co-founders, Scott Smuin and Barefoot Ted, to build the business from the ground up. My first job was to create ourselves a web app to handle online sales. After that was completed I transitioned to working as the CEO, running the business day-to-day. I passed on that role in 2013, becoming an inactive advisor. At the time that I left our sales had increased to over 1MM for the year.


BKSYDG is a small web app, built in about 45 minutes, it texts my students positive affirmations about their coding ability.


DateEdge is an online dating site aimed at the straightedge sub-culture. I built and maintain the Rails app and API that power the site.


Homesteading is an open source project aimed at helping people own their data. It's modular cluster of apps for creating, maintaining, and syndicating all personal media.